Check Out These 5 Japanese Rock Bands Behind the Best Anime Songs

  • Choosing only one anime song that is the best, is like asking to choose between a full buffet of twenty different cake flavors. It is difficult. And for anime fans who have seen a lot of series and movies, having a complete playlist of their favorite soundtracks comes naturally. But while there are a lot of good songs, there are only a few that truly stood out and have made it to my top list. These are the songs that we listen to before we go to sleep, while on the way to work or school, and even while enjoying our morning coffee.

    Such is the impact of these songs, that even foreigners who don’t necessarily understand the Japanese language find themselves searching for the lyrics to memorize and sing along with them. Does this sound familiar? Japan has got a bunch of talented rock bands, but the following are those who produced memorable anime songs. Let me introduce them to you, so you know who to look for on Youtube next time!

    1. Ikimono-gakari

    Members: Kiyoe Yoshioka, Hotaka Yamashita, Yoshiki Mizuno

    Popular Anime Songs: Hanabi (Bleach 7th Ending), Blue Bird (Naruto Shippuden 3rd Opening), Netsujou no Spectrum (Nanatsu no Taizai 1st Opening)

    Ikimono-gakari Official Website

    2. Spyair

    Members: Ike, Uz, Momiken, Kenta

    Popular Anime Songs: Samurai Heart (Gintama 17th Ending), Imagination (Haikyuu 1st Opening), Last Moment (Bleach 25th Ending)

    Spyair Official Website

    3. Aqua Timez

    Members: Futoshi, OKP-Star, Daisuke, Mayuko, Tasshi

    Popular Anime Songs: Eden (Magi: The Kingdom of Magic 2 1st Ending), Sen no Yoru wo Koete (Bleach 1st Movie Ending), Mayonaka no Orchestra (Naruto Shippuden 16 Ending)

    Aqua Timez Official Website

    4. Flow

    Members: Keigo Hayashi, Koshi Asakawa, Takeshi Asakawa, Hiroshi Iwasaki, Yasutaro Goto

    Popular Anime Songs: Colors (Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch 1st Opening), Days (Eureka 7 1st Opening), Hey (Beelzebub 3rd Opening)

    5. UVERworld

    Members: Takuya, Katsuya, Akira, Nobuto, Shintaro, Seika

    Popular Anime Songs: Gekidou (D. Gray-man 4th Opening), Colors of the Heart (Blood + 3rd Opening), D-TecnoLife (Bleach 2nd Opening)

    UVERworld Official Website

    Anime soundtracks have become part of the shows’ entire identities. Some might make you cry while others will make you jump on your feet and sing along. It helps set the mood for the series. Anime fans may like different genres, but there are songs that really made most of us admire its overall arrangement. The ones that are mentioned above are some of them. Hats off to the best bands that made it on the list, and don’t forget to share your own list!

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