Working from Home just got Easier with SuMiKa’s Interior Micro-Houses!

  • With it being a time of innovation, more and more people are working harder than ever before, and even resorting to taking their work home with them. Some households even allocate an entire room to study or work alone. This may be true for larger houses but not in the case of common Japanese houses. To maximize extra living space, SuMiKa, a Japanese company, proposed interior micro-houses as a solution to the problem.

    The Purpose


    Interior micro-houses have been designed to enable people to continue working or studying comfortably, even at home. It will provide an atmosphere where they can concentrate or stay focused on their work despite disrupting factors. These factors may include families getting bigger or living spaces getting smaller. But with interior micro-houses, people will become mentally geared towards work tasks which will help to enable them with a dedicated space to finish their work on time.

    The Designs


    SuMiKa created four designs of micro-houses targeting the needs of each household. The designs are as follows: co-ba home, Stacks A, Stacks B and Urokoya. These serve different functions, for example, the co-ba home is ideal for families who either want a space to work independently or in a group. It also contains a desk.


    Stacks A is specifically for kids and contains an area for clothes to be hung and items to be placed into. It also has an adventurous study desk where kids can climb up to. On the other hand, Stacks B is considered a more mature place of study, suited towards older people.


    Urokoya is also known as a “multi-purpose cottage” and is considered to be the most stylish of all as it can be used as a great space for children and adults to read books or just hang out.

    However, these Interior Micro-Houses don’t come cheap. For an organized and peaceful way of working and learning in a structurally sound micro-house, prices range between 478,000 yen to 1,555,000 yen.

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