Get a Taste of these Sweet Sakura Themed Products for Upcoming Spring!

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  • At this moment, we’re still in the winter season here in Japan, but many people (and companies!) are already looking forward to the upcoming spring! In Japan, seasonal trends and products are hugely popular, and different makers are always one step ahead when inventing something new for the coming season.


    Spring will be here soon, and even before it is upon us, there are some products that will hit consumers with a taste of the beautiful upcoming season. Because of the pretty, soft rose color of sakura flowers, pink and white are the colors of spring, and this is surely what you can expect the products to look like! Check them out and see for yourself what spring has to offer!

    Calbee Sakura Butter Chips


    Popular snack maker Calbee releases some of the best potato chip products in Japan. One of their selling points is to always be bringing out new flavors that will entice consumers, and their newest selection is the Sakura Butter! However, one of the sad things is that only some regions of Japan will be able to enjoy this flavor which will be only available in limited amounts! Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu are the lucky ones, so for us here in Tokyo, we are out of luck this time!

    Cozy Corner’s Haru no Madeleine


    If sweets are your thing, then Cozy Corner’s Haru no Madeleine is the one for you! The shop will be offering their assortment of Sakura Madeleine and Peach Madeleine until the end of March at all of their branches. The pastel package brings out the feel of spring and makes for a good gift too!

    Starbucks Sakura Blossom & Strawberry Latte and Frappucino


    Every year and every season, Starbucks Japan brings out something related to the season. For 2016, Starbucks will be releasing the Sakura Blossom & Strawberry Latte and Frappucino selection, which is a non-coffee drink that contains milk and strawberries. These tasty treats will only be available from February 15th until March 15th. The Starbucks Discoveries Sakura Latte will also be sold during the spring season at convenience stores.

    Spring is the time when incoming tourists look forward to enjoying the beautiful sakura, and companies will also use this season as their products’ marketing strategy to make their customers happy with the springtime’s best offerings. Both the season and the products are something to look forward to, so don’t miss out on these sweet delicacies!

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