Welcome to the Ultra High-Resolution MRI: A Japanese Company Has Finally Cured Baldness?

  • “Hair today, gone tomorrow” is a popular saying that describes how baldness greatly affects many males in the Japanese society. Baldness is not an easy task as it greatly affects your work and life in general. This is the reason why a special outpatient clinic known as Men’s Health Clinic Tokyo developed an ultra-high resolution scalp MRI for treating male pattern baldness.

    What is High-Resolution MRI?

    A very common problem for men is the male pattern baldness also known as androgenic alopecia (AGA) which is believed to be caused by many factors. Some of these factors are genetics, lack of exercise, diet and stress levels. Whatever the reason is, the newly developed ultra high-resolution MRI promises to treat the problem.

    This new technology gives examiners the chance to monitor the increase and decrease in the amount and thickness of hair for each person. Formerly, it was only possible to do this after manually shaving the scalp which leaves only a small portion to be examined.

    MRI vs. Ultra-High Resolution MRI

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave activity in order to obtain pictures of each body’s organs and structures. It can actually detect pathological changes and conditions within 2-3 mm. On the other hand, the ultra-high resolution MRI can do this 15 times higher by using a magnetic field strength of 3T (tesla). Its accuracy is quite higher which allows taking clear images of the hair follicles. This development was made possible with various joint researches.

    After monitoring the scalp, treatment of baldness can be carried on with various medication and can either be cured or delayed depending on the patient’s condition. This can also be used for treatment evaluations as well as determining future advancements of AGA.

    With the ultra high-resolution MRI, hair loss may help maintain the confidence in aging men, as they journey through life in the hopes of keeping a full head of hair.

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