Rio Grande Brazilian BBQ: A Meat Lovers ‘All You Can Eat’ Heaven

  • If you’re feeling hungry and a bowl of ramen just won’t do or if you have a special event coming up then book a table at the Rio Grande and enjoy a Brazilian feast. Churrasco (Portuguese for barbecue) is meat cooked on skewers atop a charcoal stove and the custom, as is practiced at the Rio Grande, is to continuously circle the room with freshly cooked meat for customers to pick and choose their favourite cuts as and when they want. They have two branches, both in prime locations in Roppongi and Yokohama.

    How it Works


    After sitting at your table will be given a small chip, show the ‘yes please’ side facing up to get meat and turn it over to ‘no thank you’ when you’ve had all you can take. The meat is succulent, juicy and always hot off the coals so you’ll want to keep on eating even after your stomach tells you to stop. The waiters will probably just ignore the chip and keep bringing you food as well and they also take requests to make sure you get a chance to try everything.

    Variety of Meat


    The meats on offer include black wagyu, spare ribs, various cuts of beef including rump and tongue, pork chops, sausages, lamb shoulder and chicken as well as prawns, scallops, cheese and pineapple so there is something for everyone and everything has been cooked to perfection so it tantalisingly slides off the waiter’s knife as he cuts the meat at your table.

    Buffet Bar


    If that’s not enough, there is also a buffet bar which features over 50 dishes including stews, soups, rice, croquettes and Brazilian spring rolls as well as a wide range of salad vegetables, potato salad and pasta salad whilst there are fruits, yoghurt, sorbet and cakes for dessert (if you’ve left any room).

    Price Range


    The ‘all you can eat’ dinner buffet is priced at 4000 yen per person but is well worth it. Also, an ‘all you can drink’ course featuring draft beer, wine, a selection of spirits and soft drinks is also on offer at 2000 yen whilst the premium ‘all you can drink’ course which includes a wider range of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails will set you back 3000 yen.

    There are cheaper options available at lunchtime with the ‘all you can eat’ meats priced at 3,300 yen whilst you can opt for only the salad buffet bar for 1,200 yen or alternatively choose one main meat dish such as steak, chicken or pork to go with the salad bar, prices for this range from 1300 to 2000 yen. We’d recommend going all out for the full range of meats, though.

    It’s the perfect place to go for a special occasion and we’d challenge anyone to leave disappointed with the quality and quantity of food on offer.

    Rio Grande Grill Website

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    Yokohama Access

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