Keio Plaza Hotel: A Beautiful Luxury Experience in Shinjuku

  • If you want to explore the beauty of Japan from inside in addition to all of the sightseeing you will do outdoors, you better check out Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It provides a great experience of Tokyo’s city delights and traditional values. As a luxury hotel, it promises excellent service which will make guests wish they could stay longer.


    keio plaza hotel hello kitty

    The hotel’s accommodation provides a spectacular view of Tokyo from its windows. It is primarily divided into 12 room types with the specially designed Hello Kitty Room as the most popular of all. It also comes in two designs known as “Kitty Town” or “Princess Kitty.” Each of these rooms has been decorated in accordance with its theme. It is often visited by families with children and young couples who want to enjoy a more open space. The rooms have twin or triple beds. Amenities and facilities include Free WiFi, complimentary water bottle, toiletries, slippers, nightwear, kettle, mini bar, Japanese tea or coffee, refrigerator, TV, air-conditioning, humidifier, transformer, voice mail and indoor safe.

    Special Offers

    The hotel has special offers such as 10% discount if you stay 2-3 nights, 15% discount for 4 nights, 20% discount for 7 nights and 25 % discount for 10 nights. There’s also an early bird offer wherein booking 60 days early, can save you 15% off while 90 days early will save 20% off. When it comes to Business, Leisure, Luxury and Romance packages, in-room breakfasts are free. The business package check-out time is 3 pm while the luxury package check-out time is 6 pm.


    keio plaza hotel dining

    Guests can choose several restaurant types to fit their mood. They can either have a banquet, a party or simply a dinner for two. Children should be accompanied by adults upon entering the restaurant. There is also no reservation for breakfasts and those younger than 5 years old can eat for free at the Glass Court (super buffet) and Jurin (all day dining).

    Keio Plaza Hotel’s accessibility to hot spots and shopping centers makes it an ideal luxury getaway from home. The stunning hotel is a true experience of Japanese hospitality.

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

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