Feeling Unattractive Today? Wear a Pink Mask for Instant Prettiness!

  • In recent years, people in Japan have resorted to wearing masks more and more in order to prevent the contraction and spreading of flu and colds and halt hay fever. Due to the mask covering half of the face it is difficult to show one’s facial expressions, which may hinder interpersonal contact and attraction between potential lovers. Hokkaido University has conducted a research on the effect of mask-wearing and studied the effects of the absence and presence of masks, plus whether the color of the masks worn affects the perception of a woman’s charm (click here for the press release of the study results in Japanese).


    The Magic of Pink

    33 male and female participants were shown photographs of women wearing white masks, pink masks, and no masks, some of which were photographs of the same women. The participants were then asked to rate the attractiveness of the women on a 100 point scale.


    The result is pretty astonishing. Women who were rated to have an average level of facial attractiveness without wearing a mask were deemed to be 104% more attractive when wearing a pink mask compared to when they wear a white mask. As for women who were already considered attractive without a mask, they appeared to be 105% more attractive when wearing a pink mask compared to when they were wearing a white mask. In other words, any woman looks more attractive when donning a pink mask.

    Why Is This So?


    It is uncertain as to why a pink mask seems to make a woman look prettier. Perhaps, donning a pink mask gives the impression that she is cute since the color pink has always been associated with cuteness and femininity. The pink color of the mask may also reflect on the skin and give an impression of a healthy, rosy complexion.

    I bet the sales of pink masks escalated after the results of this study came out. The result of this study brings relief to women all over Japan, because on some days, women may feel unattractive but also don’t have the time to put makeup on. The quick solution is to just don a pink mask to instantly look fresher and prettier! And all this with the added bonus of being better protected against colds and the flu. Now that is a win-win situation, don’t you think?

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