Collect All the Cute Cat Toys from Japan’s Capsule Vending Machines!

  • Don’t you just love the anticipation of getting something out of a capsule vending machine? Now there is a cute new series available from these machines, also called ‘gashapon’ (or ‘gachapon’), only in Japan.

    There is just something interesting about tiny cooking toys. Strangely, they can be more captivating and fun compared to actual cooking material. I believe this is because everything about tiny cooking toys looks so cute and pretty, so our minds tell us that they are meant for playing and fun. That is why they have a different effect on people from life-sized kitchen items. Tiny toys like these have traditionally been played with by young girls, but nowadays adults also enjoy collecting them and playing with the miniature toys!


    The Nyanko Series


    This Nyanko Kitchen series is probably the cutest thing you have seen in a while. It is a series of cat-themed kitchen appliance and utensil miniature toys, and it is only available from gashapon. They only cost 200 yen per piece, a steal in my opinion! The toys are recommended for age 6 and up, as since the toys are so small you have to be careful when small kids play with them because they might swallow the toys.

    The Best Items


    This is the Nyanko rice cooker set, which includes a rice cooker and a rice scoop. The lid of the rice cooker can be opened and closed, and the cute button in the middle can be pressed. For the Nyanko microwave oven set (not pictured), the microwave door can be opened and closed. Besides this, it also comes with a piece of mochi (rice cake) that is shaped like a cat!


    This is the Nyanko hot plate set, which you can play by turning over the little takoyaki balls that look like cats’ faces. The shape of the machine itself is also an adorable cat face! The Nyanko Onigiri set (not pictured) does not only have cat-shaped onigiri, it also comes with a case which is cat-shaped! Thus, the onigiri would fit perfectly in the case. Then there is the Nyanko cookware set (not pictured), there is a knife, measuring cup, spatula, and chopping board. The set also comes with a Nyanko stand which you can use to store other tiny items from the series.

    If only I were in Japan, I would certainly be on the look out for the Nyanko vending machines as they are so adorable yet so affordable! They would make great souvenirs and gifts, or even as a collectors item. Try to get them all!

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