Take Your Matcha On the Go With This New Matcha and Milk Spread!

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  • Many people believe that the Japanese have thin, lean and fit body structure compared to other people around the world. And even with that image in mind, we sure know how to chow down our rice. But with the recent trends of health and diets, as well as the influence from western countries, many Japanese are turning towards a different option, and eating more bread.


    While bread itself is a popular snack item in Japan, every day might become boring with just plain bread. Choosing bread variations may also be a bit off the calorie chart, so you’d turn to jams and spreads as an alternative. With so many flavors to choose from, which one would you prefer? Rather, why not opt for a Japanese flavor of spread like matcha instead!


    Verde’s Thick Matcha & Milk Flavor Cream

    Matcha is one of the most loved flavors in Japan and it’s no surprise if it becomes a variety of food items. You might have heard of matcha pancakes when they became a popular product from Kyoto and a number of shops began to sell them. Now, Verde is bringing consumers an easier way to have bread in a fun way with their new duo of the Thick Matcha & Milk Flavor Cream!


    Bringing in a mix of thick Uji matcha and white chocolate will leave a tinge of sweet and bitter flavors on your taste buds. And just like other variants from Verde, the new flavor will also be in an easy to use dispenser pack that you can use anytime, anywhere. Also, bread is not the only option you have to use Verde’s Thick Matcha & Milk Flavor Cream. Mix it up and spread this on other foods you like too, it’s all up to you!

    Matcha is no doubt one of my favorite flavors whether it be ice cream, sweets or tea itself so this is something to look forward to. If you’re also like me and you love matcha, then you should check this new flavor from Verde out. The new product will be on sale starting February 19th. Why not try and make your own matcha pancake and top it off with this new creation?

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