Summer in Izu Peninsula

  • Spring is here and before we know it will be over soon. Then we will be greeted with the heat of Summer. As the heat rises, Izu Peninsula awakens. It is the time for Izu Peninsula to open welcome visitors, not just around Japan, but all over the world.

    One of Shizuoka’s shining glory is the beaches if Izu Peninsula. Its blue waters and white sand is the perfect place to get lost in your thoughts. The resonating sound of the waves as it touches the coast lulls you to tranquility. So there is no better place to unwind but in the coast of Izu’s beaches.

    Shirahama Chuo Beach in Shimoda would be the best place to have picnics with family. You would not worry about your young children playing in the shore because of its calm water. Children will love walking on the rocky shoreline looking for sea treasures.

    But if you are not exactly looking for tranquility but fun and adventure, there is a place in Shimoda known for its favorable water. Hence, when it comes to surfing, the Shirahama Ohama Beach is the popular place for those who love the sport. It has white sand, extensive shoreline and huge waves perfect for surfing. The beach hosts a marine festival during July. You would want to check on that activity since there will be fireworks at night–you wouldn’t want to miss that!

    The seven waterfalls above the town of Kawazu is a popular place among the locals. The waterfalls are accessible by walking through the 1.5 kilometer trail in the upper Kawazu River. Most will direct you to Kawzu Seven Falls Bus and Parking Lot which is at the base of the trail and direct you to hike the 1.5 kilometer walk up and and another 1.5 kilometer down back to your car. To make your trip less tiring, park your car at Mizutare parking lot and hike down the trail. Once you are down, there is a bus at the Kawazu Seven Falls Bus and Parking Lot going up taking you back to Mizutare Parking lot.

    If you are a castle-person, you might want to visit the Atami Castle. It is a castle at the top of a hill overlooking the entire city. It is a castle built for tourists hence there is a game center with costumes allowing visitor to dress up in Edo Period costumes. Though the castle is best visited during the cherry blossom season, it is still a great side trip if you visit Izu peninsula during summer.

    People visiting Japan know Shizuoka for its Mount Fuji and Gotemba Premium Outlet shopping center. But little do they know that the area boasts more attractions unknown to most. There are castles to discover, beaches to swim, roads that should be taken and wild to discover.