Rain or Shine, These Japanese Color-Changing and Musical Umbrellas Can Help You!

  • When suffering the sweltering heat, we are encouraged to not go outside without UV protection due to the effects it could have on our skin health. On the other hand, rainy days could just dampen our moods as we do not get to play outside. Nevertheless, here are some Japanese umbrellas to brighten up your day whether rain or shine!

    Color-changing umbrellas


    While sunblock provides great protection against the sun’s harsh UV rays, using it in conjunction with an umbrella is always a great idea especially since umbrellas can also block some of the heat.

    This Neko no UV Osampo Higasa by Izavell has paw print patterns on the umbrella which change color according to the intensity of UV rays. The stronger the sunlight, the pinker the paws become, which serves as a warning for you to apply more sunscreen. It is certainly more comfortable and less embarrassing than using a color-changing sunscreen. The umbrella also blocks out UV rays and reduces temperature by 13 degrees Celcius. This perfect umbrella for the UV-conscious is available for 3500 yen at Izavell’s website.


    Izavell also sells a similar umbrella for use during rainy days! Instead of pink paws, the paws on the umbrella are translucent and change three different shades of gray depending on the intensity of the rain. Thus, it sort of encourages you to stand under the rain with an umbrella on during the rainy day. The umbrella is priced at 2500 yen.


    Musical umbrella


    This umbrella by Ugoita has sensors which would produce tones when it is hit by raindrops! The umbrella has piezoelectric discs attached inside the umbrella to detect the impact of raindrops.

    Different sounds are produced depending on which sections of the umbrella the raindrops fall on. The music produced during heavy rains must be one heck of a beat. The umbrella does not seem to be available for purchase, though.


    These umbrellas are certainly unique and fun. I would say that the most useful and practical one is the color-changing umbrella according to the intensity of the UV rays. With these umbrellas, now you can go out and have fun even during the heavy rain or the strong sunny weather!

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