Yokohama International School: A Quality School with a Rich History

  • Yokohama International School is an independent, innovative school geared towards the education of children from ages three to eighteen. Don’t you want to know why this school is so intriguing?

    A Rich History


    In 1924, the idea of this school was born by six founding members. The class sizes were small, but the school did well with this system of educating its students. Unfortunately, in 1941, the school was closed down by the government. In 1945, the buildings of the school were destroyed by an air raid. Luckily, the school was able to reopen in 1955 with a total of eight students. The number of students and teachers has been increasing ever since.

    Admirable Values


    This school says that it is dedicated to “high-quality and balanced learning.” One of the many goals of the school is to create a supportive environment meant to inspire the improvement of its students’ social and academic skills. The honesty and integrity of the people who are a part of the school’s community play a part in the students reaching their full potential. Another goal of this Yokohama International School is to nurture students and help them turn into responsible citizens.

    Dedicated Staff and Faculty


    The employees at this school enjoy their careers in education. Each of them represents different nationalities and have a wide range of experience in international teachings. Many of the instructors have advanced degrees or are working to get one. They love working with children to help them grow, develop, and explore the world. To ensure the teachers are expert educators, they attend regular conferences and workshops to help refine their skills. They are truly dedicated to improving the life of their students.

    Why wouldn’t anyone want to celebrate the achievements of this school? Yokohama International is filled with lively students and teachers, all with unique personalities. The school presents the best of intentions and thrives on giving children the education they deserve. For more information, visit their website.

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