Visit This Heartwarming Fall Festival in Gifu and See the Trees Upside Down!

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  • Boasting an area measuring 3,500 square meters, Sogi Park is a huge park located in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture. A popular thing to do in this park is to go see the ‘upside down momiji (Maple leaves)’, and admire the beauty of the autumn leaves upside down. If you are curious to know what this means, then read on!

    The Momiji Festival

    The middle of November is the peak of the autumn season in this part of Japan, and this is when the maple leaves and gingko trees are the most beautiful, so it is the perfect time for the Momiji Matsuri (Maple Leaves Festival) at Sogi Park! The park will be filled with red, orange and yellow hues of the leaves. There are many ponds in this park of varying sizes. The leaves will be illuminated by the lights set up for the occasion, and they will reflect their colors beautifully onto the dark pond, which makes for an enchanting and mysterious sight to behold. The reflection on the pond will be like a clear mirror. This is where you can see the maple trees upside down!

    Food and Ceramics

    During the Momiji Festival, there will be many stalls selling mainly food and beverages. Thus, you can satiate your appetite while enjoying yourself at your leisure in the park. The food items sold usually include traditional Japanese food items, so this is your chance to explore various kinds of traditional Japanese food! As November means that the winter is nearing the weather will be a little chilly, so a hot soup from one of the stalls will help to warm you up. Moreover, there will be a campfire to make visitors feel more comfortable in the cold weather. Since Toki is also known for its ceramics, there are stalls selling ceramic items as well.

    The Nearby Hotspring

    After admiring the beautiful colors of the leaves, you may want to rest and relax at a hot spring nearby. You can do this at Badenpark SOGI, which is just across the road from the park. You can enjoy the various types of baths that are available, such as an open-air bath, a rock bath, and a herb bath. Be aware of the fact that the hot spring will be crowded during the festive seasons, though. You can click here for directions.

    Make sure to not miss out on the gorgeous sight of the inverted maple trees at Momiji Matsuri at Sogi Park during the autumn season! The entrance fee to the park during the Momiji Festival is 200 yen. The best things in life may be free, but 200 yen is cheap enough to view this fantastic scenery which could be one of the most splendid things will see in your life!

    You can click here for more information about this event (in Japanese).

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