Hop On Board the Keikyu Love Train This Valentine’s Day and White Day!

  • It’s already February – the month of love! This is the time of the year when people start sharing their love with one another for Valentine’s Day. And to make things a little more romantic, Keikyu, a railway operator in the Tokyo area, transformed one of its trains into a “Love Train.” The train started making its rounds on February 1 and will run through March 14 of this year (2016). It looks romantic enough for everyone to enjoy with its heart motif.

    How Special is the Train?

    love train handles

    Unlike ordinary trains, the Keikyu Love Train has been painted all red on its exterior to emphasize Valentine’s Day. A few of its seats are 4 non-reserved box seats which are considered special ones decorated with heart designs. A portion of the train’s circular hand straps have been made into heart-shaped ones. The train will run through March 14 which is White Day in Japan. Ordinarily speaking, Valentine’s Day is a day when women give chocolates to men while White Day is the other way around. The train (and especially the box seats) could be a special place for exchanging such thoughtful gifts.

    The Box Seats

    love train all seats

    The decorated box seats at the corner of the cars haven’t been reserved for anyone. Keikyu Company hasn’t talked about it as well. But the space looks inviting enough for couples to sit down and relax while they confess their love to each other. Maybe it could also be a great place for a single person who is looking for a Valentine’s date. However, the signs at the box seats (which look like those made for priority seating on regular trains) show various types of those expressing their love like families and best friends as well as couples. It’s safe to say anyone with a great relationship of any kind can use these seats!

    As of the moment, the company is asking the passengers to put their emotions into writing and submit them as part of a contest. In return, they might get the chance to win chocolates, gift certificates or travel vouchers!

    For those who feel like commuting by train is a stressful thing to do, try riding on the Keikyu Love Train for a pleasant experience where love is in the air!

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