3 Common Ingredients of Japanese Cuisine that are Great for your Skin!

  • As you know, Japanese food is generally very healthy. It is because it is normally based on vegetables and seafood, and they are served as close to their natural state as possible. Obviously, there are also less calories than in meat or deep-fried staff. Seafood and veggies are also great for maintaining beautiful body. I think that if you choose good food, low in calories and high in nutrients, you will become healthier and therefore more beautiful!

    Here are some of the ingredients that dominate Japanese cuisine, and they are known for their positive effects on your body!

    1. Miso

    Miso is one of the Japanese traditional seasonings made from soybeans. First of all, miso is made from fermented soybeans that have the ability of cleaning your intestines. Thus it improve your bowel movements. Secondly, miso is a really good food for maintaining healthy beautiful skin as it contains a lot of melanoidin, the melanoidin also helps to prevent some forms of cancer and aging.

    2. Seaweed

    Seaweed is a very common food ingredient in Japan. Seaweed is used in everything, such as miso soup, snacks and many other dishes! I know in some countries, seaweed is not as common and some might feel weirded out by its color and smell. However, it tastes really good, and it’s very good for your health. First of all, this food is very low-calorie, if you eat seaweed until you feel full, it will probably only sum up in 100-200 kilocalories. Secondly, it id very nutritious. It contains many kinds of minerals, vitamin, and fiber. Also, iodine, which is one of the nutrients, helps to burn fat, and to change it into energy. In addition, seaweed also has great effects on skin!

    3. Wasabi

    I think wasabi is kind of famous all over the world due to sushi popularity. As you know, wasabi is characterized by its strong flavor. Maybe, there are many people who don’t like wasabi. However, wasabi is really good for your health, and there is a reason why the Japanese put wasabi on sushi! First of all, wasabi works as an anti-aging supplement. Also, sulfinyl, which is a nutrient that is only found in wasabi, has great effects on sking and digestive system. And on top of everything, it kills bacterias! Raw fish might contain many bacterias. That’s why the Japanese put wasabi on sushi and sashimi.