Eat Your Dinner at the Scariest Theme Restaurant in Tokyo: Alcatraz E.R.

  • In the Shibuya area of Tokyo, you can find a corrupt-mental-institution themed restaurant which offers diners a chance to eat inside its filthy cells. It is popularly known as Alcatraz ER, and it is hands down the most disturbing restaurant ever! And the best part is that the food and drinks they serve are actually quite tasty.

    The Setting


    There are so many weird themed restaurants in Japan that it is quite hard to choose which one to pay a visit if you have only a limited amount of time. But Alcatraz ER has really taken the cake as far as weird goes. The restaurant started over a decade or so ago with a setting made to look like a medical prison. The patrons are considered to be the patients, and the moment they enter the restaurant they are handcuffed by its staff, who are dressed like nurses. These nurses will also pretend to inject something into their buttocks and lead them down into their dining cell where they will be locked up for the evening.

    The Experience


    After passing by symmetrically constructed jail cells and taking a seat in the one assigned to your party, the nurse will present you with a menu. In spite of what you may expect out of a restaurant that is mainly known for its decor, the dining experience would be rated at five stars out of five for me.

    While being imprisoned, you can make an order by banging the cell bars with a lead piping which will be given to you by the nurse. This will get their attention. You will be given horrific themed dishes including cocktails served out of syringes, or from a bloody mannequin’s head. Dishes come with spooky names such as ‘Dead Chicken’ (two chicken feet clasped together) and ‘Penis Sausage’ (looks like an appetizing severed penis). Pitchers of beer are served in urinals. A lot of the dishes come with a free interaction with the waitress, who will play her part well.


    Alcatraz ER may not be the best spot for families with kids, as there are regular scary shows at 8 pm that may feature the pulling out of a guest from their cells by clowns and nurses. The place is also teeming with actors who will try to spook you as they are wandering around pretending to be escaped patients and the likes. Still, it is one of those restaurants that is worth visiting, if not for the food then for its sincere devotion to its gruesome theme!

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