Check Out the Latest Sake Kit Kat at Craft Sake Week in February!

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  • In the land of amazing sake, it is no surprise that they have come up with the ultimate kit kat flavor here in Japan – you guessed it, sake! The first Kit Kat to feature this rice-based alcoholic drink became widely available on February 1, 2015. Just in time for lovebirds to enjoy a fine alcoholic treat as Valentine’s Day draws nearer. Like it’s famous predecessors from matcha, sakura, and even sweet potato, it does not come as a shock for this flavor to become an instant new best seller.

    Alcohol Content


    However, buyers beware. There is actually some pretty potent alcohol inside this chocolate confectionary. Nestle have taken the alcoholic drink, turned it into powdered form and have placed it in between the chocolate and the wafers. This results in a genuinely unique taste that cannot be found anywhere else. It states on its label that it contains 0.8% alcohol so definitely not suitable for children or those allergic or even sensitive to alcohol. I randomly got to try it for the first time at the snow monkey onsen (in Nagano of all places!) and can most definitely attest to the alcohol content!



    The shape of the packaging itself is quite unique. There is a beautiful pink sakura background design along with a gorgeous blue sake bottle on the front. The individual chocolate packages themselves come in the shape of a sake bottle. For those lucky enough to be around Roppngi Hills in Tokyo they will be holding a tasting at their Kit Kat booth during Craft Sake Week from February 5-15th.

    The chocolate itself is white chocolate based with the sake powder mixed in, resulting in a unique palate pleasing taste. They will be available from around 700 yen for a 9 piece box set and for 150 yen for the 3 pack boxes and should be widely available in convenience stores, local markets and yes, even the infamous Kit Kat chocolatery. So make sure not to miss this limited time offer.

    Craft Sake Week

    Craft Sake Week is definitely not to be missed because for a limited time, again perfect for Valentine’s day, they will be showcasing this famous rice-based beverage. Multiple restaurants including the Michelin starred Nishi-Azabu will be showcasing their food featuring sake as the main ingredient. There will also be multiple booths with tastings. For 3500 yen one can get a glass of sake with a commemorative sake cup, and a meal. However, there is also the option to buy other items ala carte.

    I was lucky enough to be there for opening weekend and the setup was rather nice. Taking over the whole floor of the outdoor area of Roppongi Hills, it is decked out in large sake barrels in the center with multiple vendors around it. Sponsored by the Japanese sake company, the radio station J-Wave 81.3 FM, and also Kit Kat, who as per above is showcasing their new sake kit kat flavor, the whole arena is packed to the brim with sake-tactic wares. There are even games for both young and old. Also, a feat of strength at the Kit Kat booth will indicate how well you can deal with the main ingredient of sake!

    There are daily features during the week including but not limited to demonstrations, a master of Sake competition, and even showcasing a plum wine version. For details, click here.

    Enjoy and itadakimasu! There is no better way to take part of the fruits of Japan’s labor than through this festival. Kampai!

    Craft Sake Week Website

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