Krispy Kreme’s Japan Collaboration! Limited-time Donuts: Sakura, Yuzu and Kuromitsu Matcha On Sale for Spring 2016!

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  • Many people around the world know Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. The famous American chain has shared its delights since 1933, offering their delicious doughnuts and various soft drinks, iced drinks and hot drinks. The Krispy Kreme brand became well-known for its delicious doughnuts which grew more and more popular as the company expanded during the 1990s. While many other branches popped up in the United States, Krispy Kreme has opened stores serving up their tasty baked goods in countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and, of course, Japan.


    Their regular doughnuts are not the only types offered either, especially not in Japan! In most countries, popular restaurants and food establishments offer special products during specific holidays. In Japan, however, there are many limited-time items when the seasons change. This spring 2016 is no different! Krispy Kreme Japan will be serving up new doughnuts and drinks that are not only delicious but uniquely Japanese!


    Their new items will be perfect for spring and will make you want to plan a picnic outing under the cherry blossoms. Starting on February 24th, they will be releasing three types of doughnuts with Japanese flavors as well as two types of hojicha drinks that will match the traditional tastes perfectly.



    The quintessential symbol of Japanese spring is most certainly sakura. Krispy Kreme has modeled this doughnut after sakura mochi. It is filled with a sweet and ever-so-slightly salty sakura cream on the inside. The doughnut’s bright pink color is accented by some light pink chocolate flakes reminiscent beautiful sakura petals, and is topped off with a sweet white blossom drawn on with white chocolate. This one is a must for cherry blossom viewing or if you just want to absorb the atmosphere of spring in Japan!



    Yuzu is a citrus fruit normally widely used in Japan in winter. The sharp, fresh scent livens up winter baths and cold homes. However, yuzu will be making its way into spring for 2016! This doughnut has a white chocolate frosting with candied yuzu peel sprinkled all over the top. The candied yuzu peel is made in Japan and will definitely give you the full juicy and zesty feel of this fruit. This doughnut is a sweet and refreshing choice for the beautiful spring weather.

    Kuromitsu & Green Tea Cake


    Green tea (matcha) is perhaps Japan’s most famous drink and indeed most famous flavor! This doughnut has the essential, famous Uji matcha flavor in its matcha chocolate coating for a good old fashioned Japanese taste. It is also garnished with kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup) sauce and some sweet black beans. Imagine having a nice spring tea party with friends and enjoying this doughnut.

    Hojicha Latte


    Hojicha, a type of green tea, has now been made into a Krispy Kreme latte! Its mild, roasted green tea flavor is paired with plenty of steamed milk to make a nice warm beverage. Its aroma and gentle taste make this latte perfect for early spring.



    If you are not in the mood for a latte and prefer a more authentic Japanese tea, you may prefer plain hojicha! This tea has karigane, or ingredients for Japanese green tea, that were carefully selected to give it a distinct flavor.

    These new treats will be worth a few tries, as you can pair a different doughnut with a different new drink with each Krispy Kreme visit! A traditional snack of matcha donut and hot hojicha? Or a modern hojicha latte with a sakura mochi doughnut? All combinations of these new spring items will have you feeling glad that the season of warm weather and sakura has arrived!

    Krispy Kreme Shinjuku

    Krispy Kreme Shibuya

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