Manga Kissa; the enjoyable stay on a budget!

  • Everyone knows that staying in Japan can be expensive, especially in Tokyo or other major cities such as Osaka and Kyoto. Nevertheless, there is an interesting way to enjoy your stay by having both fun and cheap room!

    Manga Kissa, also called Manga Café is a place where you can read a wide range of manga books, watch DVDs, or surf the Internet and, moreover, you can even sleep there! It is actually a bit like an Internet Café but let’s say it is a Japanese-style one.

    The greatest thing is that you can pay to have a private tiny room that has a computer with a desk and reclining chair that can be used to sleep in. In these cafés we usually pay per hour therefore if you are going to go to bed late and you want to wake up very early to enjoy your next day in Japan, you can save much more money than when staying in a hotel, airB&B or even a capsule hotel!

    In addition to manga books, the Internet or the DVDs, Manga Kissa has soft drinks, games, coffee, tea, you can also buy ramen noodles, instant meals, store your luggage, charge your phone, print something, and, the best thing is that some Manga Kissas have changing rooms, showers and non-smoking areas!

    Prices vary, of course, but you can find hourly pricing, either 30 minute pricing or all night pricing (7-8 hours usually). To give you an estimate, for an all-night stay, you can find prices ranging from 1,500 to 2,500 Yen in Tokyo! It is quite cheap, isn’t it?

    One of the biggest chains are GeraGera ( Website in Japanese), and you can find their cafés in Roppongi, Shibuya, Asakusa, Ueno, Akihabara, and other major areas.

    Another nice café is Manboo Manga Café in Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shimbashi and Shibuya.

    It is quite easy to find those cafés, they are everywhere!

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