Experience Winter Snow All Year ’Round at the Hokkaido Ice Pavilion

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  • Do you love winter so much that you would like to experience it all year ’round? Then why not head to the Hokkaido Ice Pavilion, and enjoy a day of excitement and adventure in the freezing ice! The pavilion is covered with giant icicles on its walls and ceilings which have been growing continuously for many years.

    The Facility


    Upon entering the facility, you will have the opportunity to do several experiments like coloring a picture on special paper where colors change when exposed to different temperatures. Another experiment uses a detergent bottle which will be explained later in the article.


    You will then go through the entrance area leading to a tunnel of lights, followed by a hexagonal labyrinth shaped like an ice crystal. This is a fun corner consisting of mirror mazes.

    Inside the Ice Pavilion


    After all the fun, you will arrive at the final attraction where you will have to wear a winter coat before entering Winter World. You will also be provided a wet towel for another experiment, which shows how cold the temperature truly is, as the ice pavilion is maintained at -20 degrees Celsius the wet towel freezes solid and is able to stand. However, it is very important to maintain this temperature as it took at least 10 years to build the icicles.

    Cute Snowmen


    Be careful in going down the stairs as it is slippery. From there, you will use your detergent bottle (mentioned earlier) to make bubbles and because of the freezing environment, it is very easy to catch the bubbles. If you continue to make your way around, you will wee several works of art using snow, such as snow huts and cute snowmen. Also, if you would like a further challenge then step inside the coldest room which is kept at -41 degrees Celsius! Now that’s what you call freezing cold.

    This experience is a phenomenal way to spend a leisurely time in the freezing ice, no matter what the season. It may be particularly nice on hot summer days too and is also a great recommendation to people who are desperate to experience a taste of the chilling environment of Hokkaido in winter.

    Hokkaido Ice Pavilion Website*Japanese Only


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