Is this just a soft drink? Yes it is!!

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  • In Japan, there are many kind of soft drinks, not just a fruit juice, pop, and tea. Their variations are unlimited, and are also unique. When you visit Japan, probably you would wonder ” what is this drink?”. Because their uniqueness are above our imagine. Also, there are many vending machines and convenience stores in Japan, so you can get those everywhere! Anyway, I’ll introduce the unique soft drinks!

    1. Dororich by gurico

    This is named Dororich, and it’s one of coffee. But it’s not just a coffee. It’s a jelly type coffee. When you buy Dororich, this is just a coffee taste jelly and milk. But if you shake it, the jelly and milk are mixed up. It would be a great jelly-like soft drink! There are some flavors chocolate, strawberry, green tea, custard pudding, and so on.

    Dororich by gurico
    150 yen

    2. Nata de coco juice

    When you drink this juice first time, probably you would wonder “what is the thing that I’m eating right now??” Those are nata de coco! In my country, nata de coco with juice is really popular. This nata de coco juice which is on the photo is one of the most famous one by Ito-en. Its flavor is yogurt, and it’s really matching with nata de coco. You may able to find other nata de coco soft drinks in convenience stores!

    Nata de coco juice by Ito-en
    130 yen

    3. Non sweetened tea by Kirin

    This tea is from one of the famous tea brand, Gogo-no-koutya, which is usually called Gogo-tea ( Gogo-no-koutya means afternoon tea) by big beverage company, Kirin. This tea looks like just a normal non-sweetened tea. But its unique point is in the claim of this product. That is ” official drink for rice ball (Onigiri)”. In Japan, we usually eat rice ball with Japanese tea such as green tea. So, that was a new idea to drink darjeeling tea with rice ball. But the unique claim got popularity especially from young people. You should get this tea with rice ball!

    140 yen


    Here, I introduced you about amazing soft drinks that you can find in Japan. Those are a little bit different than normal soft drinks, but actually they are really good and also you can enjoy those! In addition, in Japan, probably you would see many kind of soft drinks. Actually, I have no idea those are good or not because there are too many products. But I think to try new item would be fun!!