Mizu Shingen Mochi: Water You Can Eat?

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  • The mizu shingen mochi is a dessert which looks like a large droplet of water. Mizu means water while shingen mochi is a type of sweet rice cake that has been developed by the Kinseiken company which is pretty popular in Japan. It is typically served with kinako powder and brown sugar syrup.

    Kinseiken’s Water Mochi

    In 2013, Kinseiken came up with the idea of creating this mizu shingen mochi based on the concept of creating edible water. Mizu shingen mochi is made of water sourced from the underflow water from Mount Kaikoma of the Southern Japanese Alps which has a naturally sweet taste.

    The water is then solidified just enough for the dessert to hold its shape. After removing the mochi from the container, this dessert can only hold its form for up to 30 minutes at room temperature, after which it dissolves into a puddle of water. Therefore, it is not a case where you can save the best for last! Due to the briefness in holding its shape, it cannot be brought back home and must be eaten at the shop. The mizu shingen mochi looks as if it can rupture from a gentle poke. The mochi dissolves into water when you put into your mouth. Hence, it does not have a jelly texture despite its looks. It is really edible water!

    Similar to shingen mochi, this mizu shingen mochi is also served with kinako powder and brown sugar syrup to sweeten the flavor of the mochi. However, you can just eat the mizu shingen mochi on its own as it already contains some sugar. After all, it is a dessert so it would be quite strange to serve you one that really just feels and tastes like water!

    Creative Options

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    If you are interested in recreating this mochi, you may find this video useful.
    You can also decorate the mochi to make it look kawaii! Or you can just place it on a plate that has illustrations of cute characters.

    While the secret of making mochi that looks like a giant droplet of water has already been revealed, it is said that none of the recipes can beat the original one at Kinseiken! Thus, it is worth it to try the original one if you have the opportunity to do so. I have actually tried mizu shingen mochi at a cafe but it tasted like jelly. The original one is supposed to melt in your mouth.

    You can try the mizu shingen mochi at Kinseiken shops in Daigahara and Nirasaki. The mizu shingen mochi is only available on weekends from June to September and gets sold out quickly so make sure to come early in the morning, preferably before 10 am. You can also check the schedule on the official website.


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