Enjoy All Things Kawaii When Traveling Around Japan

  • One aspect I’ve noticed that is never at fault since traveling to Japan is the adorable cute items that you can find there. Sometimes the cuteness may not make any sense at all as it is associated with most things from food, home decor, fashion items and so on. So let’s take a look at some of the items you may want to buy for yourself, your best friends, or even your significant other.

    Cute Food Art

    Many people adore Japanese food art which isn’t only seen in a bento box, but sushi, udon, mochi, and taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped cake) too. Also, it’s not only about the food; the plating, the packaging, and the shops are all decorated with cuteness. Yep, anything cute is most girls’ soft spots. Just take a look at these donuts, it’s almost a shame to eat as they not only look tasty, but cute too.

    Plush Toys


    What about famous plushies and stuffed animals? Most people love these as a gift. I recently found a brand called CRAFTHOLIC® which have their own signature characters with a variety of unique shapes. These characters are a bear (Sloth), bunny (Rab), cat (Korat), and monkey (Loris). Each of them has their own identity and personality and the idea is that they are aliens came from CRAFT planet. Yes, it is no ordinary craft, they are so adorable and come in various sizes. The best part is, they have other products like a pouch, blankets, pillows, and keychains based on the four characters above. A little bit pricey but I think they’re worth it.

    Craftaholic Website


    After deliciously cute food and soft buddies, what do you think about cute stationery? You might often see cute charms dangling on pens or mechanical pencils as these are not only cute but they make it easy to spot which one is yours.

    Pens and popular illustrated notebooks that have cute characters could be great souvenirs or gifts.
    Also, have you seen the cute washi tape? It’s masking tape with cute prints on it. It’s not only functional as tape but also makes whatever you are taping cute too.

    So, what do you think of the variety of cute items available in Japan? I’m an absolute fan of them. I really admire how the Japanese are always looking to create a cute atmosphere. I hope these adorably cute and cuddly items will brighten up your day!

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