Explore Kawazu Seven Waterfalls and Enjoy the Beauty of Nature!

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  • Do you love exploring waterfalls, mountains, and forests? Then visit Kawazu town which is located in Izu-hanto (Izu Peninsula) in the Shizuoka prefecture. Kawazu Nanadaru is a great place to refresh and relax. Yes, as the name suggests (nana is seven in Japanese) there are seven waterfalls hidden inside the forest within a 1.5 km trail. Kawazu has its own popularity for cherry blossoms (sakura) and autumn foliage as well.


    Kawazu River flows from the Amagi-toge Pass through the cedar trees on the eastern side of the peninsula. Kawazu Nanadaru (Seven Waterfalls) can be accessed mainly through two railway stations – Shuzenji and Kawazu – and from there take a bus to the upper course of the falls. The amazing 100-year-old, Amagi tunnel which is 446m in length is situated in the roadway. It is advised to purchase the Amagi free pass to travel by bus from any of the stations. The pass covers a round trip to the seven falls and other nearby attractions and is valid for two consecutive days.

    Kama-daru falls


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    The first waterfall, Kama-daru is just 300m away from the Mizutare. A series of descending stairs and wooden hanging bridges bring us to the Kama-daru fall, which means kettle waterfall. From there within a few steps, is the next waterfall, Ebi-daru.

    Ebi-daru falls


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    Ebi-daru is a gorgeous waterfall, known because it resembles the tail of shrimps as it flow down! You can view this waterfall from the suspension bridge nearby, and take some great pictures!

    Hebi-daru falls


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    Next among the series is the snake waterfall, Hebi-daru which has a serenity pool at the bottom. The columnar joint rocks resemble scales of a snake, hence the name.

    Shokei-daru falls


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    After walking down the steps along the river, we approach Shokei-daru, where there are statues of the characters of The Dancing Girl of Izu (Izu no odoriko). The location of the statues is perfect as the waterfall hops like a dancer from heaven.

    Kani-daru falls

    Through the promenade, beside the river along with the statues, we arrive at Kani-daru which literally means Crab Waterfall. Deai-daru (Meeting Waterfall), is the next waterfall which gives a confluent appearance as the name implies. It surges down and then flows calmly to meet Oh-daru fall, which is the longest at 30m high and 7 m wide. Oh-daru falls can be viewed only from a private hot spring resort and is only available to guests at the resort. At the base of the trail, bus facilities are there to both Shuzenji and Kawazu stations

    In addition to the abundance of natural blessings found here, this area has its own place in Japanese literature too. Kawabata Yasunari, the Nobel Prize winner based his novel, The Dancing Girl of Izu (Izu no odoriko) using Izu as the backdrop. There are so many more reasons to fall in love with Izu so don’t miss your chance to become immersed in nature.

    Kawazu Website
    Nanadaru Website*Japanese Only


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