Anime Fans, Meet the Dark and Dangerous Junko Enoshima!

  • Junko Enoshima is the female antagonist in the anime, Danganronpa (ダンガンロンパ) series. If you like a character with a flair for fashion and a dark side, then this is the girl for you. Let’s uncover the dangers of this seemingly innocent high school kid.

    Her Dark Side

    Her two main titles are The Ultimate Fashionista and True Ultimate Despair. She loves having a unique style in her wardrobe and enjoys the concept of despair. She finds it enjoyable to inflict it on herself and others for unknown reasons. One of her favorite pastimes is manipulating people and tricking them into falling in love with her. The only people that she’s killed are the two people that she cares about most, one of whom being her twin sister.

    Multiple Personalities

    This character has a different voice for each mood and personality that she displays. She often imitates other people’s expressions as well. This girl acts like the most innocent person until her attitude quickly changes and she becomes severely depressed. She’s intelligent, violent, impulsive, and never shows signs of remorse for her actions.

    Start and Ending [Spoiler Alert]

    At an early age, she thought her birth was a mistake and quickly latched on to the idea of despair and spreading it across the world. She and her sister had a difficult life together. At the end of Junko’s life, she was defeated by hope. She executed herself and returned in the extended Danganronpa series as an Artificial Intelligence and a virus.

    Junko Enoshima has a dark and disturbing life. She yearns to bestow despair onto everyone in the world, including herself. She finds joy in sadness and struggles to keep herself entertained. This character is a dangerous master manipulator and causes great pain to almost all of the people that she meets. So, if you like these types of antagonist anime characters, check out the Danganronpa series on Youtube!

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