Brave Gamers, Enter the ’Rundown’ Anata No Warehouse Arcade if you Dare!

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  • Anata No Warehouse (Your Warehouse) is an amusement game park with a twist, built in the city of Kawasaki. It has been made to look like the slum area of Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong. Get the feel of being transported into the back alley of grimy fake Kowloon made of dripping, rustic sheet metal.

    The Origin of Anata no Warehouse


    Kowloon Walled City is an ungoverned settlement which has been greatly populated in Hong Kong during the 1980s. It was controlled by organized crime organizations which had high rates of prostitution, drug use and gambling. The city grew out to be increasingly intolerable that many demolition plans were made. It has also been depicted in several arcade games replicating the atmosphere of the walled city. This is the same case in Anata No Warehouse.

    Taking a Peak Inside


    The main building is located a 5-minute walk from Kawasaki Station. It is very noticeable as its outdated look sticks out among all the other tidy-looking buildings. It has been built to purposely look abandoned and run down. The building is eight-stories high which boosts the creepy arcade, making it only suitable for brave arcade-goers.


    Once you enter the place, you will immediately be brought into a different environment which was painstakingly recreated to help you forget the modern world. Everything you see from the hallways to the bathrooms has been authentically recreated to look filthy with debris.


    Ambient music can be heard along the trail of posters telling you where to go and there is red lighting to match the grimness of the entire place. If you get to the main escalators, you will reach an entertainment area where you can choose several activities such as UFO Catchers, Darts, Billiards, Ping Pong, Arcade Games and so on. Taking the elevators will allow you to see windows that look into stage rooms where you can find fake prostitutes lounging around.


    For those who are not really into gaming, this is also an ideal place to be amazed in all the incredible rundown details involved in creating this place. Challenge yourself and be brave enough to enter Anata No Warehouse!


    Anata No Warehouse Website

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