Experience Japanese Everyday Living Up Close with a Minpaku Home Stay

  • Nowadays, it is becoming more common for foreign travelers to seek the humble abode of local Japanese people who are willing to share part of their private homes for rent. This is due to the fact that these visitors want to experience the ordinary Japanese life and save money while on travel. These places are known as Minpaku, which is non-commercial accommodation but a special type of tourism alternative to mass-market travel.

    How it Started

    There is a spectrum of home stays both for modern and traditional Minpaku style. Traditional type is highly recommended if you want a relaxing night and eat some traditional foods. In Tokyo, it has been claimed that a 40-year-old male has already started accommodating 150 foreign visitors coming from different countries over 18 months. It was made possible through Airbnb Inc. It is the leader in worldwide accommodation for travelers who want to stay in local hosts’ homes. In recent times, it has become more apparent for foreigners to rent rooms in local houses. One particular reason for their stay is to acquire more information about the local place they’re residing in and to feel comfortable in a homely environment. This is true for those who are staying for a longer period of time.

    The Common Rules

    Certain rules have to be followed once you choose to live in private homes. Most often, you will be charged with 5,000 yen to 15,000 yen per night which varies with seasons. With the increasing number of foreign people entering Japan, this kind of business provides a bright future though it may not be that lucrative. Another rule is for guests to keep their rooms clean. You literally have to live with rules of the house. Some guests stay over with families by making a living in the villages and working side-by-side with the locals. This is a type of green tourism program in Japan.

    The Drawback


    Though Minpaku homes have been increasing rapidly in Tokyo and Osaka, it is not clearly seen as free from controversy. Some people neglect to pay their taxes while others complain about the untidy behavior of some guests. It is also necessary for people to get permission from the authorities before accommodating guests for money. Some of them are believed to have not undergone such procedure.

    If you ever plan to visit Japan, why not try and stay at a local host’s home? You’ll get to have an ambiance of home while living comfortably and touring around. It is one of the priceless experiences unique to the country.

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