Can’t Get to the Pokemon Center? Not to Worry, the Pokemon Center Will Start Online Service!

  • Nobody ever imagined the Pokemon franchise to be as popular as it has become today. What started out as a list of 151 Pokemon grew in number over the years reaching up to 721 Pokemon today!

    Surely Pokemon’s popularity even reaches out to fans all over the world to this day. And when the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo moved its location and opened, people went crazy with excitement and began to form the long queue to experience the Center! Well, there’s no need to worry about waiting anymore as the Pokemon Center will now be accessible online!

    Pokemon Center Online


    Busy folks and fans who couldn’t afford the time to go to the Pokemon Center branches are now able to make a purchase easily online with the new service. There was once a similar service around 10 years ago but it seems to have become a thing of the past. This is probably because online shopping wasn’t a hit yet during those times, and it just ended up forgotten.


    The Pokemon Center Online will not only have the same original products as the Pokemon Centers but will also have Pokemon Center Online Limited Goods for sale too! Three waves of campaigns will also be announced, with the first being the Pocket Monster Red & Green. Orders will be accepted during the campaign period for the Gym Badge Collection Complete Set Red & Green.

    PokePoints & Mini Game


    While it’s true that stepping foot at the Pokemon Center branches is a much different experience from shopping online, there are some things that are unique to the online service.


    You’ll be able to receive PokePoints for shopping online and once you’ve gathered them, it will give you the chance to try the in-site mini-game. If you get a hit in the mini-game, you’ll be able to receive special goods which are free gifts that the Pokemon Center Online would offer! And if you register with the site before February 14th, you’ll also be presented with 100 PokePoints!

    The gym badges are certainly a dream item for many of us who once dreamed of becoming a Pokemon master. And there are also other presents to be given for reaching a certain amount of purchases. The Pokemon Center Online will be opening on February 16th but make sure to register fast so you don’t miss the free PokePoints!

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