How Did Japan Promote Tourism in the Showa Era? Find Out at the National Museum of Modern Art!

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  • Promotional materials of all kinds used in Japan are dominant all throughout the country. Whether in trains or subways, buildings and streets, promotion of certain things spread like wildfire. This is one of the things you’ll notice right away when you come to Japan for the first time.


    How promotional advertising was used has vastly changed over time, as now we have more digital materials used in place of the old paper flyers and posters. If you’re interested to find out how the Japan advertised itself for tourism in days gone by, then you might want to drop by the National Museum of Modern Art!

    Welcome to Japan: Tourism and Design in the 1920’s-1930’s


    Those who find interest in the art and design of both the retro and more modern parts of the Showa period will surely find charm in the exhibition showcasing tourism and design from the 1920’s to 1930’s targeting tourists to the country during that time.


    Tourism helped the country and brought a large amount of money that contributed well to Japan’s economy. Going to the exhibition will make visitors feel like they have traveled back in time with the sight of the many styles of tourism posters used eighty to ninety years ago.


    From posters, graphs and pamphlets showcased in the exhibition, you’ll also get to grasp the feel of the design trends used in the Showa period. From sumo wrestlers and geisha to Mount Fuji, surely one would think that the ideas used in promoting Japan today came as an inspiration from the old promotional ideas used of Japan’s most iconic images.

    The exhibition display opened on January 9th and will continue to run until the 28th of February at the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo. Those who are interested in modern and retro art, as well as those with an interest in advertising, will surely enjoy the exhibition. This will also be a good chance for tourists coming to Japan too so make sure you check it out!

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