Check Out Dagashi Bar for All You Can Eat Japanese Snacks!

  • There are many nostalgic things in life that make us remember the good old times when we get to encounter them every now and then. The places we’ve been to when we were young, the toys we used to play with and even the snacks we once used to eat.


    Speaking of snacks, a type Japanese snack known as dagashi (駄菓子), meaning cheap sweets, have been around for years. These affordable goodies are one of the most nostalgic parts of our childhood. There are many mom and pop stores all over the country catering to these Japanese snacks. But once you hit adulthood, it’s not every day that you go to these stores to buy your favorite snack. However, if you want to reminisce about those childhood snacks of yours or try out the candy your friends loved as kids, why not check out Dagashi Bar!

    What is Dagashi Bar?


    The Dagashi Bar is an old school Showa style retro bar that offers eat all you can Dagashi. For just ¥500 as table charge fee, customers can get to eat as many dagashi snacks as they want from the wide selections that the bar has to offer. Working adults who want to take a bit of time off can sit back and relax at this themed bar for an affordable price.

    Dagashi Bar Offerings


    Dagashi Bar offers both childhood favorite snacks and as well as some new ones which they feature as “This month’s new face”. There are 6 related categories which you can choose from which are snacks, ika & tara (squid and cod), gummies, sugars, lime, and candies. Once you know which snack you want, put them in the basket and go back to your seat.


    Aside from snacks, they also serve a variety of appetizers and dishes and as well as drinks and alcohol too for a separate price. There are currently 7 branches you can visit namely Ebisu, Ningyocho, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Kamata, Kawasaki and a new branch in Shinjuku which opened in November 2017! If you’re not familiar with Dagashi, you definitely need to check Dagashi Bar out! You’ll not only get to know the snacks Japanese kids love but also get to experience them too!

    Dagashi Bar (Japanese only)


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