A Maid Cafe With Rabbits? A Rabbit Cafe With Maids? Candy Fruit Rabbit Cafe in Akihabara

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  • Akihabara: a place known for anime, electronics, and cafes. Maid cafes to be specific. However, if a full blown maid cafe isn’t your cup of tea, there are options for you! A prime example is Candy Fruit Usagi no Yakata.

    With a name cute enough to rival any maid cafe, Candy Fruit is a rabbit cafe with the atmosphere of a maid cafe. The cafe workers are not dressed in only maid uniforms like a standard maid cafe, but the standard is very much in the same feminine style. The staff is incredibly friendly and will chat with you about the personalities about the resident rabbits. Further adding to the atmosphere is the decor, With velvet drapes and chandeliers, it seems more like a Victorian tea shop than an animal cafe in electronic town.

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    Candy Usagi has over 20 resident rabbits, all of which appeared for sale, making it a rabbit store as well as a social cafe. From floppy eared fluffy rabbits to short haired to giant French rabbits, there is quite a selection of breeds to play with. The cafe attendant who was helping us knew each of the rabbits by name and could tell us about their individual personalities. Some rabbits were incredibly energetic while others were calmer and content just to be pet.

    How it works

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    At Candy Fruit Usagi, you pay for the time period you want to stay and a free drink is provided. During this time, you may play with any amount of rabbits, but only one rabbit at a time. The rules of the cafe especially state one rabbit at a time because the phrase “procreate like rabbits” is based on fact. To prevent swarms of baby rabbits, only one rabbit is allowed out at a time. The cafe’s layout, however, included several gated off areas to accommodate multiple groups at a time, so no need to worry about waiting your turn. You can choose any rabbit to play with, and can change your rabbit playmate as much as you want within your time limit.

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    You can take as many pictures as you want with a phone, but with a camera option, it does cost extra. There is also the option to take a polaroid with a rabbit and have the staff write a cute message on it. This feature is also often found in maid cafes, although some might feel more comfortable with rabbits. Rabbit food can be purchased for 200 yen and definitely encourages more photo opportunities.

    Akihabara may be known for its otaku culture and electronics, but if you look hard enough there is something for everyone. Candy Fruit Usagi no Yakata is definitely a worthy destination, as it gives off the feel of the maid cafe culture in Akihabara without being over the top.

    Cost, Hours and Access

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    30 min. 1100 yen
    60 min. 1800 yen
    90 min. 2500 yen
    3 hours 4500 yen

    Weekdays – 2:00 – 9:30 pm
    Weekends – 12:00 – 9:30 pm (last entry for both weekdays and weekends in 9:00)

    Getting there
    You can get to Candy Fruit from either Akihabara Station or Suehirocho Station. The latter is closer, but since Akihabara is off of the major Yamanote line it might be easier to get to from there.

    At Akihabara Station, take the Electric Town Exit and go straight to the major street, Chuo Dori. Turn right and walk until you pass Royal Host on the right, which is on the corner of a cross street and across from a Family Mart. Cross the street then turn right again then a quick left down an alley. The entrance to Candy Fruit Usagi is behind the major street so it’s a bit hard to find. We actually had to ask a staff member in the restaurant on the first floor how to get to the upper floors of the building. Despite it being a little difficult to find, don’t be discouraged! The cute rabbits are well worth it.

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