Why Are the Orders Pouring In for This Made in Japan Pot?

  • There is a new interesting take on home shopping nowadays in that small, virtual Japanese companies are making a huge profit with kitchenware. Small firms like Aichi Dobby Ltd. offer a wide range of kitchenware products and one of the hottest items in their kitchenware lineup is the Vermicular cast-iron pot. So what is so special about this pot?

    Worth the Wait


    You know it’s worth the wait when you know that you are getting more than what you paid for. Judging from the fact that the demand for the Vermicular enameled cast iron pot overshoots the production so much so that customers have to wait for 15 months to receive their order, it really is indeed worth it. Even before it went on sale in 2010, orders were already pouring in despite the relatively expensive retail price of 25,200 yen. This is a price which is on par with the famous French pots sold in Japan called Le Creuset which cost 20,000 to 30,000 yen. The price also speaks for its quality. In fact, Vermicular is far better than other pots because it has an airtight design that prevents the flavors of the ingredients from escaping. The pot is also 10 times more airtight than Le Creuset cookware plus it is even made to be more attractive because it also comes in different pearl shades.

    The Advantage of having a Vermicular Airtight Pot

    What separates the Vermicular airtight pot to other brands is that the cooking process does not require you to add water or broth in your main ingredients. The natural juices coming out of the vegetables while cooking bring out the full flavors of the ingredients. Just by word of mouth, Aichi Dobby Ltd. has successfully built a good reputation among fans of food and cooking. According to some customers, the pot is perfect for making stew and basting meat.

    Quality is the Ultimate Selling Point

    Despite the low budget for publicizing Vermicular pots, Aichi Dobby Ltd. was able to capitalize on the high quality of their products. The company did not subcontract other companies even though there were backlog orders with only about 55 employees working. The owners believed that the production should only take place exclusively within its small plant in Nagoya. The choice to exclusively produce the product in Japan is not to keep the secrets of production, but to be able to meticulously scrutinize and ensure that the production is perfect. This process includes everything from checking the casting of the pots and lids, machining the seams, to enameling the pot.

    Aichi Dobby was able to earn its reputation as the only firm in Japan that can handle the entire process of producing a high-end airtight pot. No wonder there are people willing to wait for 15 months just to get ahold of the Vermicular pots. While the company has upped the production to 2,000 pieces per month, there are more than 30,000 orders waiting.

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