The “Castle in the sky” : Takeda, Hyogo prefecture

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  • Often referred as Japan’s Machu Picchu by local residents, Takeda Castle seems to be floating in the air, it looks like a castle in the famous animated film “Castle in the Sky” produced in 1986 by Ghibli Studio.

    Located at an altitude of 353.7 meters above sea level, in the Wadayamacho District of Asago, Hyogo Prefecture, the castle looks like it’s floating in a sea of clouds. This has led Takeda Castle to be one of Japan’s 100 most famous castles and a National Historic Site.

    The castle was first built in 1443 by the landlord of Yamana clan samurai. The best time to see the effect of “Castle in the Sky”, was at the sunrise around 8 AM in the fall around September to November, when a sudden dropping of temperature creates magical fog in the morning. The white fog really looks similar to the sea of clouds.

    Moreover, in spring when the cherry trees are blooming, is also a good time to visit Takeda Castle. The cherry blossoms really ass a bright effect to the atmosphere around.

    To see all of the stunning scenery, don’t forget to get the best spot. If you walk for 60 minutes from Takeda Station, you will get into a place called Ritsuunkyo. This place is known as the best spot to see the Castle in the Sky from. This place is also popular among photographers who want to get a really spectacular scenery.

    Wanna visit Takeda yet?

    You can use JR transportation and stop at Takeda Station. From the foot of the mountain, you will need to hike for about 40 minutes before arriving at the destination. And do not forget to prepare JPY 500 to enter the castle. Have a good trip!