Don’t Miss This Anime Series for Girls: Ouran High School Host Club

  • Ouran High School Host Club is a series for girls by Bisco Hatori, and it is a parody of the host club culture in Japan. It follows the story of Haruhi Fujioka, who got a scholarship to study at the prestigious Ouran High School. When she was looking for a quiet place to study she found the Third Music Room, which is used by the host club members consisting of 9 male students. She is initially mistaken for a boy due to her appearance. Since she has debts to pay off for breaking an expensive vase, she decided to work as a host club member.

    Why You Should Watch This

    Non-cheesy Girl Story

    Despite its typical reverse harem and girl-mistaken-as-a-boy concept that is quite typical of shoji series (manga/anime for girls), the story does not get cheesy. I usually avoid shojo series and love dramas because they tend to be too cheesy and predictable. Ouran is actually the first shojo series I follow, and it has changed my perception of the image of shojo. The romance aspect is not too strong in this anime, which is what I prefer.

    Likable Main Characters

    All the main characters in the series are at least OK in my opinion. Most of them are likable and there is not one that irritates me, so it makes the anime series easy to watch. Each character has a distinct personality and cute camaraderie with each other.

    It is Funny

    The story is pretty funny. For instance, since Haruhi is poor in contrast to the rest of the filthy rich students, the students may find the things that commoners use or do to be quite amusing. It is a slice-of-life anime which can cheer you up on a bad day!

    The Manga

    I initially watched the anime series and was highly attracted to its beautiful artwork and comedy. After that, I tried reading the manga (comic book), as most of the time I find the manga to be better than its anime counterpart. However, for Ouran, I actually prefer the anime series due to its prettier artwork that makes it very easy on the eyes.

    The storyline in the anime series ended earlier than the storyline in the manga, so if you would like a continuation of the story of the anime series, you may want to find out the ending by reading the manga. Disappointingly, the story thereafter went downhill in the manga as it quickly became a pretty cliché shojo series. If I were to explain further on why it became cliché I would be giving you spoilers, but it comes down to the love story suddenly taking a predictable turn as if the writer just wanted to quickly end the story.

    I highly recommend this anime series, especially to beginners. It is easy to watch and definitely entertaining. There are also many likable characters which you might very well fall in love with!

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