Venture to Gunma Flower Park For Its Gorgeous Blooms and Exciting Events!

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  • Do you like taking a breath of fresh air in a beautiful garden full of thousands of flowers? Well, the Gunma Flower Park is the perfect place to be, and together we will find out why. Connect with nature and explore all the vibrant colors and varieties of flowers.

    Plenty to See

    This park is packed with flower beds. There are hundreds and maybe even thousands of individual flowers each with a different color. You will see every color of the rainbow. Gunma Flower Park is open to everyone, young and old. These flowers bloom at different times of the year, all year round, so there is always something beautiful to explore. This spacious area of nature and beauty will be fun for the whole family.

    Flowers, Plants, and More

    There are massive flower beds scattered about the grounds of this park. Nearly three thousand hydrangeas inhabit this place for your viewing pleasure. You can also see herbs and alpine plants in the glory of the outside pathways. Gunma Flower Park also has five greenhouses filled with tropical plants, cacti, and orchids. The employees of this park work hard to ensure all of the flowers and plants are taken care of properly.

    More than Flowers

    Gunma Flower Park has a Park Tower where guests can climb up to the top for a better view of the area. You might even be able to see Mt. Fuji in the distance. Aside from the tower, there are petting zoos, play areas, fountains, and an event hall. This place may be famous for the beautiful blooms, but there is so much else to enjoy. The employees want people to have fun and sometimes the park even puts on fireworks shows.

    For all of you who love to bask in the glory of nature and other exciting things, Gunma Flower Park is the place for you. Enjoy an extensive display of colors and life. Bring family and friends, or simply enjoy it alone.

    Gunma Flower Park (Japanese only)

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