What Makes Maebashi’s Kencho-sha Such a Special Location?

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  • Kencho-sha is the Prefectural Government Building in Maebashi, Gunma. It is a landmark meant for all citizens to enjoy. Would you like to see what this distinguished building has to offer?

    Exciting Viewpoints


    This building is thirty-three stories high. From one hundred and twenty-seven meters off the ground, people are able to look out over their beloved city from the observation deck. One of the main attractions of this building is that visitors will be able to see the sunrise from this spot. It’s a great vantage point. Every New Year’s Day, when the building opens to let people see the sunrise, they celebrate with a relay race around the building. That quickly became an annual tradition.

    Accommodating Experience


    The construction of the building was completed on September 6th, 1999. Since then, people have enjoyed the bird’s eye view that it provides. Visitors are able to take a glass elevator up to the top. When they arrive, there are chairs available and they can even chat with the guides that are there to answer people’s questions. The guides do everything they can to make the guests’ visit informative and comfortable.

    Extra Activities


    Kencho-sha also offers Japanese and Western-style restaurants on different floors. Visitors can find tourist information about Gunma in documents and books, some of which are even for sale. Educational videos are available and in multiple languages too. On one floor, there is a diorama to display Gunma’s mountainous landscape. This building has much to offer and it’s geared towards the enjoyment of both the visitors and citizens of Gunma.

    This building is a landmark that is special to many people. In it, one you enjoy marvellous views and learn about the region where they reside. Explore everything that this building has to offer and leave no stone unturned. You never know what you might learn here, so it’s worth it to go and see!

    Kencho-sha (Gunma Prefectural Government Building)

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