Try More Than 100 Types of Curry Pan at the 1st Curry Pan Exhibition in Tokyo!

  • There is a variety of bread all over the world representing each and every country it originated from. In Japan, there are also a number of popular breads that not every tourist is familiar with! You have the melon pan, anpan, and the bread that is usually shown in anime which is yakisoba pan. But of course, one of the most popular would have to be curry pan!


    Curry pan, or curry bread, was created in Japan and continues to be a well-loved bread to this day. Most bakeries in the country have it and it’s best eaten freshly served. You might be wondering why we love curry bread too, well it’s because of the curry! Curry itself is a popular staple dish in every Japanese household, which paved the way for the bread version. With curry pan’s popularity, it’s now set to have its 1st Curry Pan Exhibition!

    Curry Pan in Japanese Culture

    Curry pan itself in Japan is well loved by the Japanese, but did you know that there are also many ways in which curry pan is made? Originally curry pan was cooked by being deep fried and covered in panko. Some would choose to bake it, and add varieties of products inside the bread to add their own flavor it.

    Aside from that, curry pan even made it to one of our famous childhood shows, Anpanman, where one of the allies of the main protagonist is named Kare-panman and has a curry pan for a head!

    Curry Pan Exhibition 2016


    Set to open at the iTSCOM STUDIO & HALL Futako Tamagawa Rise on March 6, more than 100 kinds of curry pan will be gathered and presented at the exhibit by the Japan Curry Pan Association. There will be food tasting areas to be set up, a talk show for those who love curry pan and also visitors to the exhibit are also able to purchase a number of popular pieces of bread in a supermarket-like setup. Pasmo or Suica will be the method used for the payment to have a no change system, so be aware that cash can’t be used!

    What do you think of Japan’s curry pan? If you’ve never tasted it before, you can buy it at most bakeries and convenience stores all around the country. Make sure to check out the 1st Curry Pan Exhibition and Japan’s proud bread creation!

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