Celebrate Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary With Some Nostalgic Goods!

  • As kids, many of us were once avid fans of the Pokemon video game with our first gameboys. The first versions of the game were the Pokemon Red and Green for us in Japan, and Red and Blue for those in the United States. The game we played back then itself has evolved quite astoundingly today but the retro feel of playing in monochrome is something that is very nostalgic.

    pokemon red green

    The game that we all loved was first brought out on February 27th of 1996 and will soon be celebrating its 20th year. And in commemoration of that special day, fans from the first game series will be able to look back at old times with the goods to be brought out!

    Pokemon Red and Green 8-Bit Icons

    Pokemon Center branches across the country will be bringing out the 8-bit item goods that only those who’ve played the first few Pokemon games will be familiar with on the anniversary day itself on February 27th. From cushions to keychains, up to bags, caps and shirts, old school fans will surely remember the times they’ve played the game.

    The cool bag is a collaboration of Pokemon and Outdoor and with the caps by the popular NEW ERA 59FIFTY. Many of us struggled in getting across the game in pixel form and who would have thought we’d see these again after so many years with all the high-end graphic games today?

    Pokemon Red and Green Nendoroids

    And aside from the previously mentioned goods, Pokemon Red and Green Nendoroid figures by the Good Smile company will also start receiving orders from February 27th at Pokemon centers. The figures will be sold as a special set including the main character Red, with rival Green and also including the legendary Pokemon, Mew.

    These goods will surely be something to look forward to for many fans of the old Pokemon franchise. 20 years had gone by fast but the game that we all loved will still be a part of the generation today. Make sure you drop by your nearest Pokemon Center to check out the goods once they go on sale!

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