Travel to Tokyo’s 7 sightseeing spots for only JPY600!

  • There’s no arguing Tokyo is a sea of wonderful places. Any person’s time (and energy) is almost never enough to experience all the awesomeness of this superb city. This awesomeness however, seems to have taken a toll on the affordability of transportation in Tokyo – transportation fare in this city costs an arm and a leg. Good thing Tokyo Metro (one of Tokyo’s major subway operators) offers one-day open tickets. Ahh, definitely my favorite ticket!

    Tokyo Metro’s one-day open ticket lets passengers use ALL Tokyo Metro lines for a whole day (i.e., from the first trip to 11:59 PM on the designated date). One such ticket now costs 600 and 300 yen for adults and children respectively (previously sold at 710 and 360 yen).
    Below are a few places one can easily visit using this ticket:

    1. Asakusa (via Asakusa Station)

    Asakusa is traditional part of Tokyo packed into one bustling district. Nakamise is perfect for bulk-shoppers of souvenirs. Riding a ricksha (2-wheeled vehicles pulled by men) may also be a good experience. Asakusa also has perfect views of Sky Tree.

    Asakusa Access

    2. Ginza (via Ginza Station)

    Ginza is rich in both Tokyo’s history and modern glam. It’s perfect for signature brand shopping or for simple strolls at streets that get beautifully illuminated nightly.

    Ginza Access

    3. Shinjuku Gyouen (via Shinjuku Gyouen-mae Station)

    Certainly not just your average park, Shinjuku Gyouen is perfect for hanami parties during spring or for relaxation at about any time of the year.

    Shinjuku Gyoen Access

    4. Shinjuku Business Area (via Nishi Shinjuku Station)


    Metropolitan Shinjuku area is perhaps the best manifestation of Tokyo’s business power – with massive skyscrapers everywhere, Shinjuku is likewise an architecture junkie’s heaven. At ground level, the LOVE sculpture is a nice spot particularly for lovers; 45 floors above ground, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building’s observatory offers a stunning view of metropolitan Tokyo.

    Nishi Shinjuku Access

    5. Tokyo Tower (via Kamiyacho Station)

    Inspired by Eiffel, Tokyo Tower today remains a symbol of Japan’s post-war resilience. The tower is simple but is striking – day or night.

    6. Imperial Palace Grounds (via Otemachi or Tokyo Station)

    A trip to Tokyo would certainly be incomplete without visiting the Imperial Palace, as this place is essentially the core of Japanese tradition. Locations surrounding the palace are likewise places of interest – marvel at the charming architectural edifices at Otemachi and get a dose of railway history at nearby (JR) Tokyo Station.

    Imperial Palace Access

    7. Akihabara (Akihabara Station)

    What one sees in Akihabara is probably what the world imagines of Japan, stereotypically – anime, lights, modern electronics. You name it, Aki has it.

    Akihabara Access


    I’ll end with these seven picks, but the day pass can definitely bring you to more place to enjoy Tokyo. Happy sight-seeing!

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