Fairy Tail Fans, Check Out the Stage Play Version of Your Favorite Series This Spring!

  • Surprisingly enough, Japan brings to life most of the mangas and animes that are considered popular and pleasing to the crowd. Aside from books, CDs and DVDs and other merchandise, stage plays are no doubt one of the ways to better connect the franchise to its fans.

    Fairy Tail

    Fairy Tail is part of the many large and popular franchises that are known by people not only in Japan but all over the world. And with the long-running manga and anime’s popularity, including the cool characters involved in the franchise, Fairy Tail is getting ready to have its first stage play come our way!

    Entitled Live Fantasy Fairy Tail, this will be the first ever stage play adaptation to be made of the popular Fairy Tail manga. At the same time, the stage play’s production and pen script will also be directed by Kodama Akiko, the same person who made the Naruto Live Spectacular play last year.

    The second wave of casting actors has been announced recently on the official site but during the initial announcement, Miyazaki Shuuto, a member of male acting group D-BOYS, was announced to play the role of the protagonist Natsu Dragneel. Other casts include Manaka Ayu as Lucy Heartfilia, Tsukui Minami as Erza Scarlet and Shiromata Atsushi as Grey Fullbuster. The official visuals for some of the characters, including Miyazaki’s Natsu role have also been revealed.

    Tickets for the stage play will be sold starting from February 28th 2016 for ¥7,800 and is scheduled to premiere at Sunshine Theatre in Ikebukuro from April 30th until May 9th.

    When a stage play version comes out, you know that the franchise is popular and successful! Fairy Tail, in its coming 10th year, has come a long way and has surely ranked well among popular manga. How do you think the stage play will turn out?

    Sunshine Theatre (Japanese only)

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