Give the Taste Buds a Whirl with Weird and Wonderful Tortilla Chip Flavors to hit the Shelves!

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  • Frito Lay just keeps coming up with a variety of crazy flavors for you to enjoy here in Japan. Of course, the potato chips of this nation may confuse the average tourist. However, pictures when available, sometimes help, but for the most part, you are left on your own to forage through the potato chip eating wilderness.


    Not so, with the funkiest bad boys on convenience store shelves – Caramel and Chocolate tortilla chips! To be fair, Frito Lay provide so many weird wonderful Japanese snacks like crazy Doritos and amazing Cheetos. Make sure to give them your snacking love.

    The Caramel Option


    Salty, and sweet, these chips are amazing. I bought a bag just for research purposes at first, but they were so good, I now have my very own stock. Imagine standard tortilla chips, with delicious salt and caramel seasoning, sprinkled on top. Be warned, they are very addictive and I also discovered that eating them with vanilla ice cream is also amazing as it was warm, soft, and crunchy. Why not try and crunch a bunch of them up, and put them on everything?!

    The Chocolate Option


    Not my bag of chips, if you know what I mean. I loved the caramel but I didn’t find the salt and chocolate version an appealing combination. Maybe sprinkling a little bit of salt on a chocolate sundae gives it that extra yummy taste, but this was a little too much salt and chocolate for my liking.

    Limited Time

    Sadly, as with most weird and wonderful things here, these chips had a limited run between September 14th and October 31st, 2015. However, the good news is that you can still find them on shelves for about six months after the last batch. I constantly see them at Everyone Convenience Stores down here in Kyushu, and they were sold nationwide, so keep an eye out! You can probably find them in discount shops or online too.

    Steak Flavoured Potato Chips

    The next thing on my taste test list are these…


    Apparently they were released on November 9th, and will be available until Sunday, January 31st, so I will try my best to get my grubby hands on them. Garlic and steak flavored crinkle cut potato chips?! Heaven.


    If you are hankering for something weird to check off your list, grab them while you still can! You can also check out the Japan Frito Lay website for more bizarre wonders, but it is only available in Japanese. However, the pictures are helpful and say it all, really.

    Happy Munching!

    Website*Japanese Only

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