Take A Photo of Hatsune Miku Wherever You Go With the Mikuture App!

  • No one ever imagined of a virtual idol like Hatsune Miku would become as popular as she is now. The forever 16-year-old turquoise twin tailed idol was first released in 2007, making her long-running career in the entertainment industry reach a total of 9 years!


    Hatsune Miku has gained the attention of people all around the globe with her cuteness and singing. She has reached a level of popularity that has produced a large amount of merchandise, events and even having her own concert, this virtual idol has her popularity lined up with the ranks. So what else can Miku do? Well, you can also take her wherever you go and take a snap of her with the Mikuture!

    Take a photo of Miku with Mikuture!


    If you think taking photos is just a bland and plain boring process then you should check out Mikuture! Mikuture, as easy as its name suggests, is a camera app that lets you take pictures of Miku in whatever location you want. Fans of Hatsune Miku are sure to enjoy this app because of the number of things you can do with Miku!

    Mikuture Features


    Once you run the newest version of the app, there is an option to choose the language between Japanese and English. Once you’re done, click the start button and your camera will open with Miku in it. So what can you do with Miku, you ask? Well for starters, you can choose to change her poses from the list provided, or you can change her mood and expressions by tweaking different options. You can also change light settings and you can also choose the front camera too!


    If you would like to change Miku’s overall image, there are also other optional character downloads available in the app. You can choose to change Miku to a Snow Miku version or even a Sakura Miku version. Other characters such as Flower and Yukari are also available for download, and it’s all for free!


    It was actually fun playing with the Mikuture app. Although Miku stays in her 3D-like state, it seems like she fits perfectly into every picture that you take. There’s also the option of sharing the photos you take to social media sites. Check out Twitter with the hashtags #mikuture and #みくちゃ, you’ll surely enjoy other people’s posts too!

    The Mikuture (みくちゃ) app is available in both the iTunes Store and in the Google Store for free. Go check the app out and see for yourself how much fun it would be to take photos of Miku wherever you go!

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