Lolita Fashion Types and Sub-Genres

  • Being famous for delicious food, exotic culture and a different lifestyle, Japan also has a very intense youth culture with a wide range of fashion styles.

    One smaller sub-culture would be Lolita fashion. First of all, there is no connection with the Novel written by Vladimir Nabokov or the related lolita complex which describes the sexual attraction to younger girls, usually by adult males. Lolita fashion is strictly fashion and its wearers are from various areas.

    Japanese Lolita 10

    The average wearer is a female, between 20-30 and has interest in cute dresses and skirts, with a distinctive shape, which receives its poof from panniers underneath. Clothes are chosen usually with a strict coordination, with matching colours and perfectioned with suitable accessories. Their aim is to create a pure dolly-like look, similar to child fashion from the victorian era.

    There are various sub-categories of lolita fashion. Here are the most common ones:

    EGL / Aristocrat

    Japanese Lolita 1

    Elegant Gothic Lolita (EGL) and aristocrat is a very fancy, graceful and sophisticated genre of Lolita fashion. Famous brands are Moi Meme Moitie, Atelier Pierrot and BOZ.

    Gothic Lolita

    This is one of the first styles. The colours are white and black in combination with a “darker look”.

    Shiro Lolita / Kuro Lolita

    Shiro (white) and Kuro (black) lolita are separated from Gothic Lolita, since each style is strictly monotonic. From head to toe, only white or only black is allowed.

    Classic Lolita

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    Very simple, with several soft colours, Classic Lolita is supposed to create a coloured elegant look.

    Ama Lolita

    Ama means sweet, and as the name suggest, this style is meant to give you a sugar shock. Pastel colours, usually soft pink, light blue or white are popular choices.

    Sailor Lolita

    Japanese Lolita 6

    This marine look has everything related to the sea: blue and white stripes, red accents, sailor hats and sailor collars are a must have.

    Punk Lolita

    Japanese Lolita 7

    Bold colours, such as black, red or white, usually with studs, aggressive makeup and leather boots are an homage to the wild 70’s, when punk evolved.

    Pirate Lolita

    Japanese Lolita 8

    Different from the cute Sailor Lolita, Pirate Lolita is the evil counterpart. Skulls, bold colours and often motives as a treasure box and swords are popular among the wearers of this look.