Meet Japanese Muscle Girl Saiki Reika from Cheer1

  • Tall, fit, and beautiful. That is the common perception that most people have of cheerleaders. But what about the Japanese version of cheerleaders, also called ‘cheer models’? Can’t think of what they look like? Not to worry: just check out Wrestle-1’s very own group of models, Cheer1!

    About Cheer1

    The members of Cheer1 are the designated models of the Pro Wrestling League, Wrestle,1 with ‘sporty’, ‘healthy’, ‘beauty’, and ‘global’ being what the group’s concept is based on. Like any cheerleaders, these girls are beautiful and cute by Japanese standards. The group consists of five models, namely Nishihara Keiko, Yanagimoto Emi, Tachibana Sana, Nagatomo Haruna, and Saiki Reika (才木玲佳).

    Aside from being cheer models, each girl also has her own job besides being a model. They also participate in various individual campaigns, fan meetings, and live performances. You may see these girls like just another group of typical J-idols, but there is one member that you will surely take notice of.

    Saiki Reika

    There is no doubt that Saiki Reika stands out from the members of Cheer1, as she is the shortest member of the group standing at only 150cm according to her profile in Krush. But aside from her sweet image, this girl is hiding something anyone might get a big surprise from!

    Saiki Reika has been going to the gym since the summer of 2015, and the result of her hard work was shown on TV when she was a guest on variety show ‘Ariyoshi Hanseikai’ in its January 23, 2016, episode. Saiki’s muscles are no joke as she defies the most important aspect of an ordinary idol or unit member, and it is not every day that you will see a girl like her, especially not in Japan where dainty, cute girls tend to be considered to be the most attractive type of girl.

    Many of us have seen idols who maintain toned bodies, but Saiki is the one and only buff female Japanese idol I’ve seen up till now. The best thing for Saiki now would be to gain new fans because of her fully ripped hard work!

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