Relax at This Roman Style Onsen ’Terme Ogawa’ near Tokyo

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  • Terme Ogawa is a unique natural hot spring in the western suburbs of Tokyo that is well worth a visit, due to its blend between Roman baths and Japanese onsen. The complex is located in Kodaira City, just around the corner from Ogawa station on the Seibu-Kokubunji and Seibu-Haijima lines, whilst Shin-Kodaira station on the Musashino line is also a short walk away.

    The building is set off the main road and is a striking white with lavish archways reminiscent of a Roman bath as per the therme in the name. The lounge area known as the Olive room continues the Roman ‘thermen’ theme with luxurious gold lined taps and mirrors and a hammam bath.

    Affordable Luxury


    Access is charged at 1800 yen, which includes entry to the more traditional Japanese style onsen area. If you want to further indulge in the style of a Roman God or Goddess then various massage and beauty treatments are available for additional fees. Entry to the onsen area alone will set you back just 823 yen on weekdays and 1028 yen on weekends and holidays.

    And it’s well worth this fee with a spacious indoor area featuring saunas, baths, a foot Jacuzzi and a full body Jacuzzi. Outside, the zen garden makes the ideal setting for relaxing in two large stone baths as well as two small waterfall baths, push the button set in the rocks to activate the shower designed to relax your neck and back muscles.

    Funny Igloo?


    There is one somewhat strange sauna at the complex. When you go outside, you will see a rather odd-looking igloo shaped building with a tiny door that looks like it leads to Alice’s wonderland. In fact, it leads to another sauna in some sort of man-made cave with tatami mats. It’s a strange addition and not necessarily the most pleasant experience, with mould lining the inner walls and the tatami mats look like they’ve seen far better days. The rest of the facilities is impeccably clean, and most notably, the baths are a really god size for an onsen in the Tokyo area.

    Additionally, there is a large restaurant and relaxation area where you can use massage chairs. Due to the unique mix between a Roman thermal bath and a Japanese onsen, Therme Ogawa is a great place to spend a relaxing day off.


    You can click here for the homepage in Japanese.

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