Another Reason to Enjoy Sapporo: It’s Home to the Butter Kit Kat!

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  • Being the glorious ski and snowboarding season here in Japan, we recently went on a trip to Sapporo where we randomly found our newest obsession in flavored Kit Kats. Besides being famous for the ice and snow festival and amazing seafood, they are surely known for one culinary masterpiece – dairy!

    Butter Kit Kat


    This region alone holds most of the dairy production of Japan. So it comes as no surprise that when Kit Kat announced that they were going to open up one of their limited chocolatory stores that it would be in the midst of this culinary mecca. So what genius Kit Kat flavor did they use to inaugurate this brand new shop? Uni? Crab? Salmon…? Why no, it’s butter!

    On March 7, 2015, there was a great unveiling of the most recent Kit Kat store in Sapporo and to commemorate this, the Tsuji Group culinary school held a contest to pick the newest flavor. From the runner ups of melon, cheese, and multiple seafood entries, the winner was butter! The special butter flavor will be available for approximately 1200 yen for a box of 12 or in smaller 4 piece sizes for 400 yen. Initially to be sold only at the Sapporo branch (located in the Daimaru department store), it is sure to make its wide release to other branches (Ikebukuro, Kyoto, etc.) soon. However, only the Sapporo branch will have the Special Sapporo assortment of four flavors including the special butter flavor.


    Of note, one reason why Japanese Kit Kats have caught the country by storm is because in Japanese the “kitto katto” sounds a lot like “kitto katsu”, meaning you will surely win. They have become popular as good luck charms, especially during exams. So popular that they have even been sold on eBay and are selling out like hotcakes.


    So if you are ever in Sapporo, or really in need of good luck, then to paraphrase their catchy jingle, “give yourself a break” with a Kit Kat bar!


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