Japanese Celebrity Couple, Keiko Kitagawa and DAIGO are Officially Married!

  • Celebrity couples are never left out of the eyes and ears of reporters and fans whenever they feature in the headlines. Just this January, popular actress Keiko Kitagawa (北川景子) officially married her partner, singer and Breakerz band member, Daigo Naito (内藤 大湖).

    Keiko Kitagawa

    Keiko Kitagawa started out as an exclusive model for the Japanese magazine, Seventeen from late 2003 to mid-2006. Upon graduating from Seventeen, she quit modeling and began to concentrate on acting with the Sailor Moon live action show as her first role as Sailor Mars. Kitagawa has appeared in several films and has landed major roles including Mop Girl, Buzzer Beater and Akumu-chan to name a few.


    Daigo Naito is a singer and band member who debuted in 2003 as Daigo Stardust, before changing it to DAIGO after the formation of the band Breakerz in 2007. DAIGO also does voice acting for the anime ‘Cardfight!! Vanguard’ and also plays the role of Shogo Sena in ‘Love Stage!!’ where he is the younger brother of the manga creator, Eiki Eiki and is also the the grandson of Japan’s former prime minister, Takeshita Noboru.

    Their Love Story

    Keiko Kitagawa and DAIGO met in a drama series that they appeared in together back in 2011, the two started out as a friendship in the spring of 2014 and was reported to be dating by Japanese newspaper Sports Hochi in fall of the same year. In 2015, DAIGO proposed to Kitagawa after doing NTV’s “24 Hour Television 38” 100-kilometer charity marathon in August with the wedding to take place in January.

    It’s Official!

    On January 11th this year, the couple announced that they have registered their marriage. Both Kitagawa and DAIGO shared their fruitful event with social media and also held a press conference to tell fans properly of their marriage.

    2016 is definitely a life changing start for this newlywed couple and many people are hoping they have a long and happy marriage together. Even celebrities grow old and want to settle down eventually, so the next question is – which celebrity couple will be next to follow in Keiko Kitagawa and DAIGO’s footsteps?

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