Let Max Brenner Chocolate Bar’s Japan Stores Bring You The Flavors of Spring!

  • Just a few weeks left and it’s time to say Hello Spring! The spring season is undeniably one of the best times to visit Japan for its beautiful sakura hanami (flower viewing). With a bit of cold left from the winter season, roaming the streets which have an array of blooming sakura is something to look forward to.

    But aside from the flower viewing you can do, there is also one thing that you should try out while in Japan in this season. Bringing in a new season means checking out the flavors of it too, particular flavors that bring out a Japanese feel to the product which is something that you should check out from Max Brenner!

    Max Brenner’s Limited Spring Chocolate Menu


    The dominant flavors of spring in Japan consist of strawberries, matcha (green tea) and sakura with a number of shops and stores turning it to themes for the duration of the spring season. And Max Brenner Chocolate Bar in Japan is also joining in with the trend with their limited spring menu! Starting from the 1st of March until the 31st of May, Max Brenner Chocolate Bar will be bringing its customers a new menu for the spring season with three new items on the list.

    Chocolate Egg Pavlova


    A crispy meringue topped with white and dark chocolate and added with another topping of cream and passion mango sherbet, the pavlova becomes a sweet treat that looks like an easter egg for the spring.

    White Chocolate Green Tea Pizza


    Ever tasted green tea pizza? It’s been here for a while now and Max Brenner will be offering it too! With a mix of white chocolate chunks and matcha on top, with kanoko beans and toasted marshmallows, the sweet and bitter match will bring a Japanese taste to its eaters.

    Cherry Blossom Choco Latte


    And the last item on the new menu is the cherry blossom choco latte, a blend of sour cherry, white chocolate and vanilla sauce topped with a sakura-like leaf in maccha cream. Perfect for those who love a bittersweet flavor.

    Will you be here for the spring season? Why not check out Max Brenner’s limited spring chocolate menu and taste the flavors that spring has to offer!

    Max Brenner Japan Website


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