Try Delicious Cheesecake Made With Hokkaido Ingredients at LeTAO!

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  • When you are in Hokkaido, you must be sure to try out its dairy products which are sourced from healthily-fed cows. One of the ways to enjoy the dairy products is by eating cheesecakes. When it comes to cheesecakes, LeTAO is a very famous brand in Japan which is loved by many!


    LeTAO may sound strange for a Japanese name. It kind of sounds like a Chinese name instead. However, the name LeTAO is actually derived from the French words “La Tour Amitie Otaru” which carries the meaning of “The Amiable Tower of Otaru”. LeTAO is a brand from Otaru, Hokkaido. There are two themes developed by the brand which are Nostalgic Modern and Northern Sweets Etiquette. The Nostalgic Modern theme is centered on creating nostalgic sweets with a modern twist. On the other hand, the Northern Sweets Etiquette theme is based on the northern people’s taste in sweets and also expresses LeTAO’s hope to be a representative of Hokkaido sweets. These are among the selections available at LeTAO:

    Double Fromage


    Double Fromage is a very popular cheesecake which is a best-seller by LeTAO. The cake consists of 2 layers. The upper layer is a no-bake cheesecake which has a soft and smooth texture while the bottom layer is a baked cheesecake which is rich. The cake is very delicious and will melt in your mouth with a pleasant milky sweetness!

    Royal Montagne


    Royal Montagne is another main product of LeTAO. By infusing Darjeeling tea into chocolate, it gives the chocolate a delicate scent of tea which will make you appreciate each bite. Darjeeling tea is one of the world’s main teas and the recipe of Royal Montagne took 9 years to complete.

    Venezia Rendezvous


    This is a Mascarpone creme brulee made with original Hokkaido fresh cream by LeTAO. It has the structure of a crispy tart crust which is filled with cream. The cream has a fat content of 42% and natural vanilla beans and sugar beets are used to enhance and sweeten the flavor.

    Parfait Do’r Fromage


    This cheesecake is created to express the taste of 3 types of cheese in one layer. The 3 types of cheese used in this cake are Hokkaido’s mature camembert cheese, Hokkaido’s fresh sour cream cheese, and Italian mascarpone. It may seem like a strange addition but Niagara grape juice from Yoichi is also added to give it a fresh taste! The cheesecake is slowly baked in a low-temperature steam oven.

    To get a hint of how tasty LeTAO’s offerings are, watch this video of Yuka Kinoshita eating LeTAO’s best selection of cakes which are Double Fromage, Venetian Rendezvous, and Parfait Do’r Fromage!

    I have sampled the Double Fromage cheesecake at LeTAO and it certainly lived up to my expectations. It is definitely the best tasting cheesecake I have ever tried. I am not a huge fan of cheesecakes but I really like the ones at LeTAO! There are other types of desserts and several branches of LeTAO which you can check at LeTAO’s website.

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