Read Marie Kondo’s Follow-Up Book and ”Spark Joy” With Your Tidy Home

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  • Marie Kondo with her international bestseller “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” has sparked a cleaning revolution across the world. In essence, it boils down to taking all of your belongings – every single thing, putting them in a pile, and going through each one. By assessing whether or not each one “sparks joy” and thanking those which do not for their service, one can easily clean up even the biggest of messes.

    Trying the Method

    I took up the challenge recently to see if this would actually work in our small abode. There is an order and process to cleaning. And specific category by category cleaning process. Step/category One – clothing. As per above, I had to take every stitch of clothing I owned from socks, underwear to jackets and put them in a pile in the middle of a chosen room. One cannot start cleaning without doing this first. Imagine my surprise when I found my pile was almost as tall as I was! There were literally outfits that I had been holding on from my childhood years!

    After taking every piece of clothing and thanking them for their service (it felt so strange doing that to old clothing, alone in my bedroom) I was able to keep the ones that sparked joy. I had over 4 large garbage bags to give away. The putting away of the remaining clothes also had its method. For example, I used to roll my socks up into a ball. However with Kondo’s technique, she states that socks would not like being stretched and are not happy in that state. She recommends a specific folding method and vertical storage to make them “happy” such as rolling them up like sushi rolls. As strange as that sounds, doing it that way not only prolonged the lifespan of my socks but made it so much easier to find the ones I wanted.


    I have yet to tackle the next steps of books, papers, accessories and sentimental items but based on the results thus far I can attest that it should only bring about great change. It’s amazing the sense of accomplishment one gets by doing this alone.

    However in the midst of doing the method, I was confused by the basic steps not outlined in the book. Specifically, how to exactly roll up clothes to make them happy. Multiple youtube videos failed to give me the easy stand up vertical storage she advocates. Along with how exactly I should tidy up other spaces such us a child’s room or even my cluttered entryway. What about plants?

    Spark Joy


    Enter her new book “Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Tidying Up”. This long-awaited follow-up to her tidying up book provides the much-needed explanation. Luckily the new book not only tackles this but even provides more detail for further tidying. Including not only the helpful folding guide for bulky items such as parkas, other clothing not discussed in detail in her prior books like underwear and camisoles but even an all inclusive tidying guide. For example, how to clean up children’s spaces and a useful packing guide, helpful for those small suitcases!

    Even though I have not finished the whole processes, taking the first step feels like lifting a huge weight literally and figuratively off my shoulders. By cleaning clutter, it truly feels like you can tackle anything else, be it messes or even life in general. So give this book a try and use the follow-up book for step by step details. I promise it will be not only cleansing but quite life-changing as well.

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